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Root Canals

Root canal, or root canal therapy, is an endodontic procedure that cleans out infected teeth and preserves their remaining tooth structure. The center of each tooth contains a pulp chamber with living connective tissue.

Nerves travel to this pulp chamber using tiny passages in your tooth roots, called “canals.” If your pulp chamber becomes infected, the infection can spread to the nerves in these canals and cause a serious toothache. When this happens, we can save your tooth and prevent more serious oral health problems by performing a root canal.


A denture is an artificial replacement of all of your missing teeth. Partials are the replacement of one or several teeth. These are removable options to help you replace your missing teeth and help improve your smile.


A dental implant procedure is the best tooth replacement option for patients who are missing teeth. Dental implants are small synthetic tooth roots made from a special titanium alloy that can fuse directly to your bone. When we combine a dental implant with a beautiful, custom-made porcelain crown, we can recreate an entire tooth that will look and feel completely natural.

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Teeth Whitening

We offer a comprehensive list of teeth whitening services to better suit our patients’ individual needs. Our team offers take-home whitening, and  Zoom! in-office whitening treatments. Call us today to find out more about our available whitening treatments


Veneers allow us to reshape your teeth and dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile. We can use veneers to repair the appearance of damage or to close tooth gaps. We can also use veneers to make teeth appear straighter and brighter without braces or teeth whitening.